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Leader Qasim repeatedly urged PPM to engage in dialogue saying refusal to talk is rude and insulting

Leader Qasim has repeatedly urged Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) to engage in dialogue in order to resolve the disputes over the ‘Progressive Coalition’ agreement saying that refusal to talk is rude and insulting.

In a ‘Maahefun Celebration’ (pre- Ramadan feast) organized by JP Women’s League on Saturday night at M. Kunooz, Leader Qasim said that President Yameen should include Jumhooree Party (JP) in his government. Speaking to reporters, he said that the public voted for a ‘Coalition Government’ under a coalition agreement between Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) and Jumhooree Party (JP).

In his remarks Qasim said that even though President Yameen has made public statements indicating that PPM is open for talks, so far they have not invited JP for any dialogue regarding the disputes over the coalition agreement. He referred to articles 8.1 and 8.2 of the ‘Progressive Coalition’ agreement and asserted that all disputes over any issues pertaining to the coalition whether specified or unspecified in the agreement, it must be resolved through dialogue between the two parties. He further reiterated that the agreement will remain effective until 11 November 2018.
The ruling PPM has unilaterally dissolved the ‘Progressive Coalition’ agreement, on grounds of the pretext that JP Leader Qasim’s interest to stand for Parliament Speakership and JP National Council’s unanimous decision to support his candidacy was against ‘coalition spirit’.

The coalition agreement was signed by President Gayoom with Allah the Creator and Lord of the Universe as a witness to the contract and MP Abdul Raheem, Vice President of PPM and Mr. Moosa Zameer, Former Deputy Leader of PPM Parliamentary Group signing it among those others who bear witnesses to it. The agreement was based on the consensus reached between, Jumhooree Party Leader Qasim Ibrahim and President Gayoom, the President of Progressive Party of Maldives to work jointly towards winning the Presidential Election in 2013 for PPM’s ‘Presidential Pair’ and form a ‘Partnership Government’ for the five year term, until 11 November 2018.

The agreement stipulates to allocate 35 percent from each category of all political postings to Jumhooree Party, including board memberships in state owned companies, joint ventures and subsidiaries. The agreement further affirms to work jointly to win majority seats in local council elections in 2013, 2016 respectively and parliamentary elections in 2014, and specifies the allotment of 33 percent seats for Jumhooree Party’s contestants in each of the said elections within the five year term.
The coalition agreement further articulates to jointly deliver election pledges with goodwill, mutual trust and agreed procedures to foster collective decision-making and responsibility. It also agreed to close consultation between the coalition partners to cover all aspects of the conduct of the government’s business, including the allocation of responsibilities, political postings, nominations for independent commissions, the government’s policy, legislative program, the conduct of its business, and the resolution of disputes.

Contesting for the Speakership of the Maldives Parliament (Peoples’ Majlis) is a constitutional right of every Parliamentarian in the Peoples’ Majlis. This breach of the coalition agreement by President Gayoom, as a result of unilaterally declaring its dissolution on public media, would deal a significant blow to public confidence and understanding in the Maldives.