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Leader Qasim raised concerns over deteriorating health and welfare of the Maldivian People

Jumhooree Party (JP) leader Qasim Ibrahim has raised concerns over deteriorating health and welfare of the Maldivian People.

Speaking at the Maahefun Celebration (pre-Ramadan feast) organized by JP Women’s League on Saturday night at M. Kunooz, Leader Qasim has referred to the protests staged by islanders in Haa Dhaal Kulhudhuffushi over lack of doctors and equipment in Kulhudhuffushi Regional Hospital.

Leader Qasim said that he is worried and distressed over those suffering women and children in the outer atolls, due to lack of proper healthcare and deterioration of existing regional health facilities and services. He assured to the protesters in Kulhudhuffushi ‘we (JP) are with you, we will be with you always’. He appealed to government agencies working in the field of health to provide doctors, medicines, equipment and emergency medical transportation services for the outer islands in the Maldives.


The regional hospital in Kulhudhuffushi serves 60,000 people with only one gynecologist and a dentist. Apparently the hospital has not had a physician for the last seven months and are unable to conduct medical tests due to lack of laboratory chemicals.

The protesters in Kulhudhuffushi are demanding for two more gynecologists, a physician, a cardiologist, ultra sound scanning machine, an x-ray machine, 4 ECD machines, two fetal Doppler and adequate supplies for and facilities in the twelve health centers in Haa Dhaal Atoll.