Jumhooree party

ޖުމްހޫރީ ޕާޓީ


Jumhooree Party condemns the Maldivian Government’s decision to leave the Commonwealth

  Ref.No.: JP-PL/2016/10/003

Press Release

 14 October 2016

Jumhooree Party (Republican Party) is gravely concerned to learn of the Government’s sudden decision to leave the Commonwealth of Nations. It is especially worrying that the decision has come at a time when the government, supported by the Commonwealth, the United Nations and the international community of nations, is preparing for all party talks in order to ease current political tensions by widening the space for political participation and strengthening democratic governance.

As a small island developing state the Maldives is highly dependent on the international community and the global economy for meeting most of its needs. Further, the participation in organisations such as the Commonwealth provides innumerable benefits to the people of the Maldives such as in human resources development, promoting human rights and facilitating cultural exchanges especially in such areas as sports and youth development.

Making a unilateral decision to suddenly leave an important organization such as the Commonwealth without wider consultation with the people indicates the Government’s increasingly dictatorial tendencies. Jumhooree Party believes that leaving the Commonwealth is a step backwards, which could potentially isolate the Maldives from the international community. Such isolation could have negative consequences for not only the economy but also for social and human development. The greatest price of such isolationist policies will be paid by the people.

Jumhooree Party calls on the Government to reverse the decision to leave the Commonwealth, and to continue on the path of political reform while protecting the rights of the people.