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Jumhooree Party condemns the terrorist attacks on the Indian military base in Uri


                                                                                                  Ref.No.: JP-PL/2016/10/004

Jumhooree Party condemns the terrorist attacks on the Indian military base in Uri

15 October 2016, Male’, Maldives

Jumhooree Party condemns in the strongest terms, the terrorist attacks on the Indian Army Brigades Headquarters in Uri, India on 18 September 2016, which cost the lives of several Indian servicemen and injured many more. We would like to convey our deepest condolences to the people and Government of India, and to the families who lost loved ones in this heinous crime against humanity. We wish a speedy recovery to those who were injured. We commend the Indian Government for showing restraint in the face of such atrocities, which helped to contain the crisis without further escalation. The scourge of cross-border terrorism must be stopped immediately and at all costs, in order to ensure peace and security in the region.

Jumhooree Party strongly opposes any and all forms of terrorism and violence. Such actions have no place in building peace and tolerance, developing resilient societies and advancing human progress. To deter cross-border terrorist incursions in the future, we urge Pakistan to vehemently denounce this attack on the Indian military base. We also call on the leaders of both countries to proactively engage in constructive dialogue and to work towards reaching a negotiated political settlement to their problems, in the broader interest of regional peace and security.

Building trust and confidence among our countries and peoples is crucial to finding sustainable solutions to the problems facing the region. The biennial summit among the leaders of SAARC countries provides an important opportunity to engage in dialogue and building trust.  We hope that the regional tensions currently preventing the holding of the SAARC Summit are resolved, and efforts are made to convene the Summit at the earliest possible time.