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Jumhooree Party condemns the Government’s denial of Hon. Qasim Ibrahim’s travel for emergency medical treatment



Jumhooree Party condemns the withholding of Jumhooree Party Leader and MP Hon. Qasim Ibrahim’s passport as he went to airport to leave on emergency medical treatment.

The case against the Leader of Jumhooree Party and MP, Hon. Qasim Ibrahim was dismissed on 10th July 2017. Hours after the dismissal of the case two out of the three judges who sat on the panel including Chief Judge Abdul Bari Yoosuf and Judge Ahmed Shakeel, were transferred to other courts. The Prosecutor General resubmitted the case to the Criminal Court on 11th July 2017. An initial hearing was held the same afternoon and case files were handed over to Hon. Qasim. The next hearing was scheduled for Friday the 14th of July 2017 which was the weekend. That hearing was cancelled and the next hearing was scheduled for 2.00pm on Sunday the 16th of July 2017. However, around 12.30pm the same day, Hon. Qasim was admitted to hospital for emergency medical treatment of a cardiac condition he suddenly developed. The doctors advised that he be immediately transferred abroad for further tests and treatment.

Since his trial was ongoing, he wrote a letter to the Criminal Court to inform them of the decision to travel abroad for emergency medical treatment. The Judge acknowledged that the Court had been duly notified but deferred an official response till the next working day, and refused to accept the letter saying it was after working hours. Hon. Qasim then went to the airport to travel as advised by his doctors. Upon arrival at the airport he was informed by immigration authorities that his passport had been held by the Government. Hon. Qasim had to take the boat ride back to Male’ to be readmitted to the hospital. Currently he is being treated at the Intensive Care Unit of ADK Hospital in Male’.

It is noteworthy that Hon. Qasim is not under any investigation for any crime. According to the Criminal Procedures Code if anyone is barred from travelling abroad for any reason the person must be duly informed as soon as possible by competent authorities. Hon. Qasim was not informed of a travel ban against him until he arrived at the airport that night. This is a clear violation of his rights as a free citizen.

Jumhooree Party condemns the actions of the Government in refusing to allow Hon. Qasim Ibrahim to travel on emergency medical treatment and calls on the Government to allow him to travel for medical treatment abroad in accordance with the advice of his doctors.



Jumhooree Party

Male’, Maldives

17th July 2017