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Statement by Jumhooree Party welcoming the EU Resolution of 15 March 2018

No: JP-PR/2018/03/001



Statement by Jumhooree Party welcoming the EU Resolution of 15 March 2018


Jumhooree Party welcomes the Resolution passed by the European Parliament on 15 March 2018 with an overwhelming majority, calling upon the Maldivian government to guarantee the rights of the people in accordance with the Constitution and to uphold the rule of law. This Resolution follows three previous Resolutions, (on 30th April 2015, 17th December 2015 and 5th October 2017), as well as the Joint Statements issued by the EU Mission in Colombo on 30th January 2018, and the Joint Statement delivered on behalf of 41 countries at the 37th Session of the UN Human Rights Council on 8th March 2018, among others. All EU Resolutions also note the government’s obligations under international instruments such as the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR), to which the Maldives is a party.

The EU Resolution of 15 March 2018 is the fourth Resolution passed by the European Parliament calling on the current government to respect human rights and to provide the space for peaceful political activity as guaranteed by the country’s Constitution and international law. All four resolutions, including this Resolution, expressed the importance of ensuring an inclusive, free and fair presidential election this year.

Jumhooree Party welcomes the call for the immediate lifting of the state of emergency, and to return to the rule of law including, the implementation of the Supreme Court ruling of 1st February 2018 by releasing all political prisoners who did not receive a fair trial, and reinstating the 12 Members of Parliament who had been unlawfully deprived of their legitimate seats.

Today’s Resolution by the European Parliament is significant in that it upholds and reiterates the call by the EU Foreign Relations Council on 26 February 2018,to impose targeted measure son those complicit in human rights violations, and requests the EU Council to consider their implementation.  Jumhooree Party calls on the government to heed the Resolution and to help in the resolution of the current crisis by ending the state of emergency, abiding by the Supreme Court ruling and returning to the rule of law.


15 March 2018,

Jumhooree Party

Male’, Maldives